Take your party to the next level with WeVoyce.

Because the political process shouldn’t stop between elections.

You’ll get a platform designed for ongoing engagement with your community that creates a virtuous cycle: expanding your party membership, increasing community engagement, and, most importantly, driving frequent micro-contributions for your candidates and party.

Interested in increasing your party’s membership, engagement, and contributions?

Grow Smarter

Go beyond noisy social networks and one-dimensional fundraising tools with a tailor-made digital platform.

WeVoyce provides a turnkey digital network for your party, with all the relevant tools and functionalities to expand membership, promote your party's priorities, engage members, fundraise, moderate your space, view analytics and stay compliant with the FEC and relevant platform's terms and conditions.

Easy Onboarding

Following, posting, sharing, voting, & creating a digital wallet are all familiar app experiences.

Data Security

Privacy safeguards & data security are built-in.

Intuitive Dashboards

Analytics, fundraising, and membership data at your fingertips.


Post about political issues that affect their lives through text, images, and videos

Propose solutions

Vote on proposals (registered voters only)

Contribute as little as $0.01 to a candidate, post or proposition

Advocate on behalf of candidates & elected officials you support

View insights on propositions and donations in real-time

Share content into & out of the app


Author propositions that show the party's stand on issues

See how people engage with your props

Learn what your members want from their elected representatives

Support politicians who take a transparent stand when they author or vote on props

Inspire regular and recurring micro-contributions from engaged members

Send invites to move your base & re-engage those contacts who prefer


Fully hosted platform space

Web management

Data & analytics dashboard for contributions, attribution, in-app behavior and more

Control space membership and permissions

Send in-app alerts and notifications

Draft candidates

Voter registration

Voter validation

Modernize Fundraising

$ecure your party's competitive advantage.

With our innovative contribution splitting technology, users can simultaneously contribute to all candidates supporting a proposition. Advocates can also use their posts and stories to raise funds that are split among candidates they support. Traditional contributions to a single candidate are just as easy.

Two-tap in-app contributions

We've made contributing so easy that it only takes two taps.


Our one-of-a-kind contribution splitting technology allows users to contribute to all candidates who support a proposition simultaneously.

Dashboards, Reporting, FEC Compliance

Manage your finances efficiently and confidently.

How it works

1. Claim your space

2. Invite your party's members, online community, candidates & elected officials

3. Start the conversation by authoring props your party supports

4. Increase contribution frequency for your party and candidates as users engage through posting, voting, and contributing

5. Expand party membership and power

You're in control

Manage your party's digital space.

Determine space membership eligibility, privileges & app permissions. We give you moderation tools that let you keep your space App Store-compliant and allow you to assign moderation permissions to users.

WeVoyce's Virtuous Cycle

Write props that show where the party stands on issues.
Members identify what matters to them by voting, contributing & advocating.
Learn what your community wants from government using real-time data.
Advocate for politicians and props to focus and scale member support.
Daily engagement encourages members to make frequent micro-contributions.

Unlock your party's digital potential!

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