About Us

What makes us different

WeVoyce is neutral and non-partisan. We let space owners moderate their own community discussions. We do not sell ads or your information. There are no subscriptions or pay walls. WeVoyce is an FEC-compliant passthrough commercial fundraising entity. We retain a small percentage of the donations to fund our operations.

WeVoyce launched on July 4th 2021 to give people a voice on a neutral platform free of bots and ads so that they participate in the decisions that affect their lives every day, locally and nationally. People join WeVoyce spaces moderated by space owners such as political parties, caucuses, municipalities and other public entities. They can quickly and easily vote and donate to propositions and candidates so that they listen and answer to the people. This is how we make democracy accessible. Real people, real voices, engaged every day.

We want to hear from you

This is how we make democracy accessible: Real people, with real voices, making real impact.


Real people, real impact